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I always love the idea of cozy place around. It's like the escapadious spot where you can let your imagination plays around for a while (like currently I'm doing) but no need to worry about traffic jam while heading home (a.k.a back to reality).

In my mind, the place should be: 

- Small; not too spacious
- Huge window so natural light can come in
- Wooden furniture with such cozy couch
- Light coffee smell (I don't like coffee shops with strong coffee smell)
- Chill out/ soothing tunes. 
Reference: Feist, Nouvelle Vague, some of Kings of Convenience's. Not too jazzy.
- Not crowded
- Have mini-library with design/art/home-cooking books
- Free-wifi, fo-sho :)
- Some natural plants for decorating stuff to make the place feels alive and organic :)
- Outdoor? Hmm, I don't think so, unless in the backyard / back terrace
- Good view is a plus plus, but the ambience is much more important (because places with good view usually not too easy to reach :)
- Again, it should be in the neighborhood.

Have I found the place such that?

Hmm, kinda. Some of them in Bandung, the city where I left piece of my heart. But since I currently live in Bintaro, South Tangerang, let me explore the neighborhood coffee shops.

Sebastian Coffee Shops (Kebayoran District)

Found this place accidentally (because it has no signboards or any signage) when I and Andri visited Electronic City on Kebayoran District. It's a small coffee shops behind the electronic store, more feels like a rendezvous spot because of its hidden spot.

I (finally) visit this place on a Friday afternoon, after an out-of-office meeting sometimes on November. Since I didn't want to go back to downtown (a.k.a office) or either going back home because Andri was out-of-town, I thought working from neighborhood-coffee shops was better choice. Then I stayed at Sebastian for few hours.

The coffee was (surprisingly) good! Even beyond my expectation of such a 'neighborhood-coffee shops'. Ha, I forgot the name. Caramel machiato blabla or something. The snacks (french fries + mushroom fries) was not bad at all, either.

The place was small, quiet enough although it's near the street, quite cozy with wooden element and a little bit rustic style. But at the first hour I was kinda uncomfortable with their quite strong smell of food & coffee mixture. They also have outdoor-terrace spot which perfect for smoking area.

I don't really remember their playlist; maybe I was too occupied with my work or my own playlist :), but I would say, this place is quite ideal as my neighborhood coffee shops. Ideal place for curhat with your best friend, and not such a place for see-and-to-be-seen. Btw, see-and-to-be-seen, at this age? Oh, come-on.

Andai tiap hari boleh working-from-anywhere-but-office...

Estrella de Churros

New place to hang out, not too far from Sebastian. It offer new favorite snacks in town: churros. 

I was eyeing on this place when passing the main streets because of its quite eye-catching signage. It lies on Ruko Kebayoran Arcade, as well, near Warung Leko, Bakmi Buncit, and some shops around.

Then, I visit the place on a Saturday afternoon by myself, for the sake of trying what so-called churros (take-away) and feeling the atmosphere of the new place. Norak ya :)

The place was nice, the ambience was warm, cozy, rusticio. It's so nowadays. But not as quiet as Sebastian because its surrounding was bit busier. I didn't remember the playlist. But what I remember was the TV played cartoon program. Kinda turn off sih ya :).

The churros was good as well. I tried the cinnamon churros with chocolate dip & caramel sauce to be taken away and enjoyed with Andri at home. But I don't recommend for take away, since it's best serving when warm. That crunch-crumbly mix with the choc/caramel dip... Ah!

Another one, is....


This one is not really new. At least since I moved to Bintaro few months ago, this place is already there. Kinda side by side with Estrella de Churros, but with tinier signage. You can notice this place by its dark blue patio with their Backyard logo.

Entering this coffee shops, I kinda feel uncomfortable with the smell; cigarettes. Hopefully currently they have own area for smoking. Apparently, this place is owned by my favorite band since forever, Maliq & D'Essentials. Their studio is on 2nd floor, so you can meet them if you're lucky. Unfortunately I haven't :)

Interior wise, I would say Backyard is much more rustic than two other coffee shops above. They have more stuff to display, such as old cassettes, some Maliq's souvenirs, and unique furniture design.

As I remember, they don't play music but the TV plays music channel (which was R&B music when I was there). The ambience was so Maliq at their 1st and 2nd album. More R&B-jazzy compare their latest album.

Since I can't stand the cigarettes smell, I always have their cakes taken away. I love their red velvet cupcake & apple pie. It's just PAS! Not too sweet, but just enough! And apparently (again), the cake-maker is on the neighborhood as well, alias tetangga sendiri, Mia; Widi's wife. Lah, trus kenapah?

Pics ngambil dari sini

Penampakan apple pie-nya emang berantakan (maklum dah dikulkasin)..
Tapi rasanya enaks!


Well, I still have my own 'ideal' neighborhood coffee shops. Hopefully someday I can have my own neighborhood coffee shops, just like these... *amen*

All pics taken from Pinterest

*still thinking how they're earning profit from the business*

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