best feelings...

by - 9:11 AM

.. of mine are....
  • Almost every Friday nights.

  • On seconds after putting make up, especially lipstick.
HA! Another mega selfie ;p
  • Showering after tidying up all the house, by myself.
  • Smelling the newly removed bed sheet.  
  • Knowing my online shop purchase package coming! Every purchase, even the cheap trills.
Apalagi yang ini!!

  • Giggling and having such silly conversation with Andri, after long day at work. 
  • Writing on-leave permit for vacation purpose. Such a yeay!
  • Having phone call with mom/dad, and hearing their smiley voice.
  • Seeing the view below, when the plane is about to landing. Especially for new places.
  • Walking through the aisle of veggies, fruits, and chocolate-confectionery in the supermarket. How I love grocery window shopping.
  • Smelling Andri's scent! :))
  • Singing along when driving, after long day.
And currently listening to....

Stories behind coming up! :)

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